Pintxos and portions

Homemade salted anchovies pintxo 3.50€
Tuna in oil with chilli peppers pintxo 3.50€
Marinated cod and roasted pepper pintxo 3.50€
Ham croquette 2.00€
Prawns skewer 3.80€
Deep fried begihaundi squids 8.00€
Fish and seafood soup 9.00€

Pan fried Idiazabal cheese with Iberian ham 17.00€
Roasted endive, crushed potato and cottage cheese 10.00€
Seasonal vegetables with basil jus 14.00€
Spider crab, celeriac and almond cream 14.00€
Cod cheeks in tempura with bechamel 18.00€
Slow poached eggs with black garlic soup 9.00€
Mussels, small shrimps and cockles in cocotte 17.00€

Rice dishes (20 minutes – minimum 2 pers)

Fish and seafood rice San Sebastian style 18.00€ p.p.
Paella with braised baby squid 18.00€ p.p.
Paella with duck and wild mushroom 18.00€ p.p.

Grilled hake with lemony jus 15.00€
Pil-pil cod and piquillo peppers cream 14.00€
Ray wing, black butter and poultry jus 19.00€
Braised ox tail with caramelized spring onions 16.00€
Boned roasted lamb, cheese parmentier 14.00€
Filet steak, cutting embers, potato purée 20.00€
Iberian pig tails and crème fraîche 15.00€

French toast caramelized in the pan 6.00€
Chocolate cake and mascarpone 5.00€
Hazelnut soufflé and pear in syrup 7.00€
Roasted apple, walnut praliné, milk curdled ice cream 6.00€
Orange cream with pumpkin ice cream 5.00€

*We have children’s menus and we can adapt our dishes for celiacs, vegetarians and for those with allergies.