Toasts (until 12.30)
Made with Classic bread by The Loaf

Butter and homemade seasonal jam 2.00€
Tomato and Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2.00€
Iberian ham and grated tomato 3.50€
Avocado and fresh cheese 3.50€

Homemade sweets
Izar butter croissant 2.50€
The french toast of ni neu 3.50€

The classic mixed
With very thinly cut cooked ham and Idiazabal cheese 4.00€

The flute of Iberian Ham
With baguette bread and grated tomato with AOVE 2.50€

Pintxo of potato omelette 3.50€

Euskal Txerri Cured papada toast
Glass bread with very thin laminated dewlap and black pepper
Pain “cristal” avec du fanon laminé très fin et poivre noire 4.00€

Euskal Txerri back sleeper board
Accompanied by sourdough bread and oil 8.00€

Sugaar sheep’s cheese
With 20 days of maturation. Produced by the Elkano cheese factory (Aia, Gipuzkoa). 9.00€

Set up your breakfast
Coffee or Tea + Butter / Tomato Toast 3.00€
Coffee or Tea + Ham / Avocado Toast 4.50€
Coffee or tea + Tortilla 3.50€
Coffee or Tea + Croissant 3.50€
Coffee or tea + French toast 4.00€
Natural Orange Juice 2.00€

VAT included