APPETIZERS (from 12pm)
croquettes | iberic ham 9.00€
pintxo of marinated anchovies | with pickled olives 4.00€
mussels | with spicy tomato sauce 14.00€

croquettes | iberic ham 9.00€
marinated anchovies | with pickled olives 12.00€
terrine | of campaign paté with toasts 13.00€
sweet pepper | roasted salad with olives 12.00€
prawns | fried with ezpelette 15.00€
mussels | with spicy tomato sauce 14.00€
artichokes | with Idiazabal cheese and meat juice 16.00€
cockles | in green sauce 19.00€
roasted pumpkin | cottage cheese and herbs 12.00€
grilled mushrooms | and iberian ham 24.00€
meatballs Euskal Txerri | in sauce 15.00€
hake | with pil pil of green beans  17.00€
sea bass | baked in salt 42.00€/kg
filet steak |with mushroom ragout and fries 28.00€ (¼kg)

rices (minimum two people) 
in broth, with fish and seafood18.00€ p.p.
seasonal vegetables 19.00€ p.p.
Euskaltxerri ribs and mushrooms 18.00€ p.p.
braised baby squid 19.00€ p.p.

french toast caramelized in the pan 7.50€
pear and chantilly rum babá 7.00€
vanilla and chocolate 6.50€

the way: 36.00€
a route around our favourites. *Served for the whole table.

sweet peppers
marinated anchovies
a rice to choose
french toast

*10% VAT included.

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